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Gray Cook: Work Capacity and Motor Control

Motor control work is simpler than we make it. Get up and carry some stuff. Don’t bring bad mobility to it. Then, all you’ve got to do is watch breathi...

Maggie Selzer & Garrett Bullock: What is Motor Control?

When you use the term “motor control,” you know what you mean. But do you know what motor control means to your listener? To your colleagues? What is motor control and why is it so ...

Greg Dea: Motor Control – Complex to Simple

How do you define motor control? How do you discern movement competency in your clients or patients? Greg Dea covers definitions, practical examples and the true importance of motor con...

Gray Cook: Don’t Rush the Movement Learning Process

During the first four weeks of strength training, your cellular metabolism and cellular structure don’t change. What happens? Movement learning happens . . . if you give it time.

half kneel drills Gray Cook

Gray Cook: Motor Control and Stability and Prime Mover Training

Gray Cook makes a clear statement: View stability with a strength mentality and you’ll miss the nuances of motor control, coordination and stability and go right into prime mover trai...

the most powerful skills in corrective exercise

Corrective Exercise in Our Lectures

Corrective exercise tips gleaned from our lecture series Click here to return to the corrective exercise topic menu Gray Cook What’s Behind a Mobility Problem “There are two re...

planes of human motion

Sagittal, Frontal and Transverse Planes: Planes of Human Motion

What are the planes of motion and why do we care? While it's true most of us don't really *need* to know this stuff, it's also true we're often going to bump into the terms when reading...


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