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Gray Cook: Work Capacity and Motor Control

Motor control work is simpler than we make it. Get up and carry some stuff. Don’t bring bad mobility to it. Then, all you’ve got to do is watch breathi...

Gray Cook: Crossing the Midline

Gray Cook answers a question about self-limiting exercise and the full mind-body engagement that comes with crossing the midline in a good Turkish getup.


Gray Cook answers your Turkish getup questions

In this excerpt from his Key Functional Exercises You Should Know lecture, Gray Cook answers questions about the Turkish getup.

Dave Whitley: Kettlebell Wrist Position and Grip

Iron Tamer Dave Whitley talks kettlebell wrist position, pain compliance and why ‘goosenecking’ is a good thing for your rack, press and getup.

Gray Cook self limiting exercise

Gray Cook: Self-Limiting Exercise and The Movement Principles

Self-limiting exercises aren’t easy, but they should be the cornerstone of your training programs. Using a few of his go-to exercises as examples, Gray Cook delves into why they work ...

Renegade rows Andrew Read

Andrew Read: What’s The Opposite of the Get Up? The Renegade Row

Just like muscles, exercises tend to come in opposing pairs. When you bench, you should row. When you overhead press, you should do pull-ups. When you hinge, you should squat. But what...