Alwyn Cosgrove: Kneeling Exercise Choices for Glute Firing

Tall-kneeling exercises are the natural go-to for glute firing . . . but which ones? Alwyn Cosgrove brings you into his thought process.

Somebody already gave the answer, but I want everybody else to think about it.

I put her in kneeling. If I put her in tall-kneeling, the quads are on stretch. They can’t give me the stability. Her hamstrings are short and they can’t give me the stability. I can coach the lower back, so I get the core and the glute firing.

I do tall-kneeling chops-and-lifts.
I do the medicine ball throw from a tall-kneeling position.
The goblet squat, I like that.
We did single-leg squat.

Did the lunge problem change that? I may do a split-squat from the bottom up with the TRX—an assisted split-squat.

The hinge and push-up aren’t a problem.
The TRX row, I may do rowing half-kneeling with the cable.

The anti-rotation press is a great choice. I would do that in standing, right?

No. That was called a trick.

I take you in a direction and bring you back the other way. I would do the anti-rotation press in tall-kneeling.

Is that overkill or is it 12 pounds in three weeks and the happiest client you’ve ever met? That’s the juice, right? That’s the secret. The FMS is my secret weapon.

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