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Thomas Plummer: The Immutable Laws of Money and Coaching, Part 2

More wisdom and guidance on how to make it as a trainer. Thomas Plummer presents the Laws of Money and Coaching: Personal, ethical and business guidelines ...

Thomas Plummer: The Immutable Laws of Money and Coaching

Want to last as a trainer? Thomas Plummer presents the Laws of Money and Coaching: Personal, ethical and business guidelines that it pays to heed.

Jeremy Hall: The Power of Mentorship

There’s more to being successful in strength and conditioning than just learning the science of strength. The art of coaching is woven deeply into the collective wisdom of the great m...

Sue Falsone: Pain Theories

Pain is a reality of rehab and performance, and the more you understand, the more you can help your client or patient understand. In this excerpt, Sue Falsone summarizes a few of the mo...

Brian Gwaltney: Don’t Get Used to Extreme

Is your sleep nonexistent, your diet unreasonable or your exercise injurious? Maybe it’s time to walk away from the extreme and reset yourself with moderation.

Gray Cook: Work Capacity and Motor Control

Motor control work is simpler than we make it. Get up and carry some stuff. Don’t bring bad mobility to it. Then, all you’ve got to do is watch breathing and alignment as you build ...

Models of Periodization

The data, the books and your experience all tell you that periodization works to maximize the performance of your athletes. But are you using the most effective model of periodization f...

Greg Rose: Fix Function First

Greg Rose breaks down how the Functional Movement Systems work together . . . and why everything works better when you fix function before progressing to skill.

Greg Dea: Feedback and Cueing – Making Them Work Together

When coaching, we decide if a movement is satisfactory or not. That means it’s also up to us to decide which coaching strategies of feedback and cueing to use to change the individual...

Gray Cook: Core Stability, Compensation and Breathing

Lacking core stability? Then you’re likely down on power. Here’s how Gray Cook discerns if it’s a breathing sequence problem.

Thomas Plummer: Fitness Professionals Only Have Two Speeds

Fitness professionals only have two speeds in their internal motors: full on, flat out and all in, or destroyed on the couch, drooling like an old bulldog, and often not smelling much b...


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