Gray Cook & Erwan LeCorre: What’s important in movement?

Are you being challenged by your exercises? Even hard exercises can become routine; you can do them well from habit . . . but can a slightly altered environmental demand test you?

Erwan: It’s not about strength in the forearm, it’s about joint alignment and bodyweight placement, bodyweight distribution.

Gray: Good. Try the other side, and give us some feedback, Brad. Working the stability on one leg while working the mobility of the other leg. I don’t think there’s any question about his core being engaged right now.

Brad: By having the board down, you have to be more aware of your proprioception – what’s going on with your body. I do getups with a kettlebell and I can go through them pretty good, but to keep my balance on the 2×4 was much more demanding.

Erwan: It’s the SAID Principle, Brad: Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. The demand here that’s imposed on you is the demand that comes from the environment – the 2×4 – which is different than what you do with a kettlebell.

The movement you do with a kettlebell is extremely valuable, but no more or less than this. It is also extremely valuable. Even though it’s similar in pattern, it is different in some of the physiological adaptation and motor control adaptations that you need to perform this movement well.

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