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Gray Cook: Movement Minimums

Gray Cook explains how managing movement minimums gets to the root of movement problems and gets your clients closer to their goals.

T-Spine Mobility: Why It’s Important

Many of our daily activities are often done sitting down, rounding through the thoracic spine, which can wreak havoc on posture and put stress on the rest of the body. In this collectio...

More Reasons Why the Squat is Called the King of Exercises

The second installment of the squat primer: the information you need to understand the squat as a movement pattern and exercise . . . and get more from it for yourself and your clients.

Gray Cook with MMA fighter

Gray Cook: Working on Breathing in Patterns

Gray Cook discusses using the Functional Movement Screen to identify and correct pattern-based and position-based breathing problems. Are you being robbed of mobility and strength?

Gray Cook self limiting exercise

Gray Cook: Self-Limiting Exercise and The Movement Principles

Self-limiting exercises aren’t easy, but they should be the cornerstone of your training programs. Using a few of his go-to exercises as examples, Gray Cook delves into why they work ...

Gray Cook speaking at Stanford University

Gray Cook: Function or Dysfunction

Gray Cook gives his 'why' statement on catching dysfunction. What’s the point of exercise if some capacity or competency isn’t going to improve?

Functional Movement with Gray Cook

Gray Cook: What I Look for in a Functional Movement Screen Score

Gray Cook answers a FAQ and specifies exactly what he looks for in a Functional Movement Screen score . . . it may not be what you are thinking.

Lee Burton: Building on the FMS Performance Pyramid

It’s easy to focus on the strengths of our clients and athletes. That’s what they’re good at. Identifying their weakness . . . that’s our real job and this quick clip from Lee B...

Stuart McGill: Hip Anatomy

Is it ever all right to lose the deep squat? Stuart McGill discusses the reality that many people don’t have the hip anatomy to keep it.

Alwyn Cosgrove: The FMS and Group Settings

Alwyn Cosgrove makes it easy to implement the FMS in a group setting: you already know what to do, movement screening just gives you information to do it more effectively.

Greg Rose, working with elite athletes

Greg Rose: FMS Scores in Elite Athletes

Asymmetries in movement are bad, right? Not always. In this clip, Greg Rose discusses FMS scores and when you absolutely don’t want to see perfection.