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Gray Cook: Crossing the Midline

Gray Cook answers a question about self-limiting exercise and the full mind-body engagement that comes with crossing the midline in a good Turkish getup.

Mark Cheng: Rob the Forefoot Hip Hinge Drill

Having trouble getting that hip hinge right for lifts and swings? Mark Cheng learned to take away the option of shifting forward. Rob the forefoot and sit back.

Chris Holder: Conditioning for Competition—More Than Just Running

Do all athletes need to run? Chris Holder’s personal experiences playing football led him to look for other conditioning options to better prepare his athletes for competition.

Dan John: Principles of Training for the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) Preparation Program

“It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.” Dan John gives you the small, but important additions that lead to a successful Russian Kettlebell Certification experience.

Brett Jones: Push Press for Power

What is power? Do you have the foundation for the power that you want to accomplish your goals? Brett Jones uses the push press as an example of using patterns to build strength . . . t...

Tracy Reifkind: Kettlebell Progressions – The Roundabout

Twice as much work, half as much rest. Tracy Reifkind’s ‘Roundabout’ kettlebell progression can get you there and beyond.

Dave Whitley: Kettlebell Wrist Position and Grip

Iron Tamer Dave Whitley talks kettlebell wrist position, pain compliance and why ‘goosenecking’ is a good thing for your rack, press and getup.

Gray Cook and Dan John coach loaded carries

Loaded Carries—The Cook Drill Kettlebell Carries

In this segment from Gray Cook and Dan John's Essentials of Coaching Functional Continuums video, we learn how they coach loaded carries in three positions.

Tracy Reifkind: The Transformative Power of the Kettlebell Swing

Tracy (and Mark) Reifkind detail how kettlebells transformed her body and how those changes inspired her to use kettlebell swings to their full potential.

Brian Friedman: Gain Awesome Kettlebell Technique with Yoga

Brian Friedman discusses correct alignment and proper movement patterns in exercise and explores the common ground (and symbiosis) between kettlebell technique and yoga practice.

Renegade rows Andrew Read

Andrew Read: What’s The Opposite of the Get Up? The Renegade Row

Just like muscles, exercises tend to come in opposing pairs. When you bench, you should row. When you overhead press, you should do pull-ups. When you hinge, you should squat. But what...