Posts tagged "physical therapy"

Matt Swift: Training Goals – Ask the Why before the What

When the wrong exercises cause more harm than benefit, it’s probably because your training goals have been focused on the “what” and not the “why....

Lorimer Moseley: Pain and the Placebo Effect

Pain expert Lorimer Moseley describes an interesting placebo story that has major implications in human behavior and pain science.

Adam Wolf: Neurological Changes vs. Structural Changes – Hardware or Software

When we touch people, we're affecting structure. But more times than not, gains in mobility come from neurological changes. Adam Wolf gives a hands-on example to take the focus from har...

Gray Cook, work at the edge of ability

Gray Cook: Corrective Exercise at The Edge of Ability

Corrective exercise should not be a rehearsal of outputs. Instead, it should represent challenging opportunities to manage mistakes at a fundamental level near the edge of ability. Mana...

Sue Falsone Yoga For Strength

Sue Falsone: Yoga for Strength

From October 2013 to October 2014, I took a sabbatical—a break from the daily grind of work to figure out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to do it. I took many continuing educa...


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