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Dan John Now What

Dan John: Three Secrets of Performance

Dan John spills his three secrets of performance and plays a language game to ensure that your clients are truly understanding what you tell them.

Robb Rogers: Regeneration Strategies

Thought you had the training programmed right . . . but something seems missing? What about time for recovery and rest? Robb Rogers discusses the need for well-planned regeneration stra...

Mark Cheng breathing drill for t-spine mobility

Mark Cheng: Emotional Attachments – Exercise, Identity and Addiction

Mark Cheng tackles the problem of emotional attachment to certain workouts and presents systems and practices that can overcome a client’s limited exercise identity.

Guy Massi: Stay General or Go Specific When Training Young Athletes?

A philosophical and practical look at the training timeline for young athletes; from general athleticism to sport-specific skills, giving guidance on decisions to be made along the way.

Brian Friedman: Gain Awesome Kettlebell Technique with Yoga

Brian Friedman discusses correct alignment and proper movement patterns in exercise and explores the common ground (and symbiosis) between kettlebell technique and yoga practice.

Exercise Program Design Fundamentals, Part Two

In Exercise Program Design Fundamentals, Part 1, you learned what to focus on in your training using Dan John’s Four Quadrants. You also learned the importance of finding your gap...

Exercise Program Design Fundamentals, Part One

A well-designed training program is crucial for making continued progress both in the short and long term. However, program design can be a confusing topic with a countless number of ar...


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