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Mark Cheng breathing drill for t-spine mobility

Mark Cheng: Emotional Attachments – Exercise, Identity and Addiction

Mark Cheng tackles the problem of emotional attachment to certain workouts and presents systems and practices that can overcome a client’s limited exerci...

Mark Cheng: Breathing as Fundamental Movement

Mark Cheng gives you the best language to explain the importance of breathing to your clients and why it must serve as a starting point for correctives.

Mark Cheng prehab drills

Mark Cheng: Prehab-Rehab for Forward Posture

Mark Cheng demonstrates a great stepping stone for clients or patients with a forward posture who aren’t comfortable in a prone position.

Mark Cheng: Cross Crawling

Mark Cheng gives great coaching cues for cross crawling and explains why you should be using it to engage your clients’ mobile stability.

Mark Cheng: Half-kneeling Rotation

Mark Cheng explores the benefits of half-kneeling. It’s often underestimated and not necessarily easy, but it may be where learning can happen.

Mark Cheng: Movement is Just Like Money

Mark Cheng’s movement philosophy uses the analogy of money: Are you borrowing more movement than you have? How do you save the buffer you need?

Mark Cheng, you're working the wrong joints

Charlie Weingroff and Mark Cheng: Working the Wrong Joints

What happens when you work the wrong joints? In the process of Hacking the Hinge, Mark Cheng discusses the pitfalls of using the wrong joints to find mobility.

why is the neurodevelopmental sequence important in training

Why is the Neurodevelopmental Sequence Important to Trainers?

The neurodevelopmental sequence is the normal movement progression that infants follow as they grow and develop movement. Here are a few highlights that detail why you should understand...

FMS Shoulder test with Sue Falsone

Video Segments about Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise tips gleaned from our video series Click here to return to the corrective exercise topic menu Sue Falsone The Shoulder “When people raise their arms up in the...

the most powerful skills in corrective exercise

Corrective Exercise in Our Lectures

Corrective exercise tips gleaned from our lecture series Click here to return to the corrective exercise topic menu Gray Cook What’s Behind a Mobility Problem “There are two re...

Why Sitting Is Bad for You (and What to Do about It)

There’s a good chance that you’re sitting down as you read this article. You may be sitting down in front of your computer at work. You may be reading this on your daily commute. Or...


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